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Welcome to Classis Atlantic NorthEast!

Classis Atlantic NorthEast is a pocket option app for iphone of churches and church plants, spread throughout New England and Upstate New York.  We meet twice annually to encourage one another and to conduct mutual business.  In addition, we work together throughout the year in the form of continuing teams or committees and in the cooperation between individual churches.  As a Classis, we interview and approve candidates for ministry; http://pocketoption.in/mobile-app the planting of new churches; we support future church leaders through leadership development networks and student grants and loans; we sustain current pastors by forming and encouraging peer groups; we assist one another in community development; and more.  These churches are part of the bi-national denomination, the Christian Reformed Church in North America.  In everything, we attempt to serve our http://www.pocketoption.in/mobile-app. 

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