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October 2-3, 2019

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What We Do Together

Our calling…

Following Christ, our shared devotion is to cultivate spiritual renewal, innovative ministry, and leadership development resulting in healthy and reproducing churches in New York and New England.

Our Leaders

Church Counselor
Derek M. Zeyl
Church Multiplication Team Chair
Bruce M. Dykstra
Church Renewal Team Chair
Samuel Sutter
Church Visitor
Bruce M. Dykstra
Church Visitor
Brent A. Averill
Classical Prayer Coordinator
Jantina Cornelison
Classis Interim Team Chair
Joel D. Vande Werken
Leadership Development Team Chair
Phillip T. Westra
Stated Clerk Alternate
Phillip T. Westra
Synodical Deputy
Joel D. Vande Werken
Synodical Deputy Alternate
Christopher A. Fluit

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