WHAT’S  HAPPENING        PLEASE TAKE THIS HOME        COMPILED BY CARI  P.     Anytime, you want to add to this list or any questions: [email protected] or 315 858-0899

WORSHIP SERVICES:     Every Sunday start at 10:00.     2nd Offerings   &   Church News     JULY 24   Our 2nd Offering will be going to Richfield Springs Food Bank.  You have always been there when someone needed your help.  Please remember to help some families, once again and remember to pray for them.  Jerry Zavitz will be delivering the sermon.    JULY 31 Our 2nd Offering will be given to CRC Chaplains Fund.  They show God’s love to people as they reach out to them. Pastor Alan Arkema will be delivering the sermon.   AUGUST 7  Our 2nd Offering is for Bill and Debby Bosley, from New Tribes Mission.  Reminder:  They will be worshipping with us September 4 and presenting their mission work in Senegal. There will be a church family luncheon.  There will be a Communion Service during our worship time. Our 2nd Offering for September 4 will be for the Benevolent Fund.   AUGUST 14  Our 2nd Offering will be for Little Lamb Preschool.  The new school year starts soon with new students and returning students.  AUGUST 21  Our 2nd Offering will be for the Building Improvement Fund for our on-going needs for our church building.  Pastor Ed Visser, from Webster (New York) CRC, will be delivering the sermon. AUGUST 28  Our 2nd Offering is for CRC World Missions.  Our CRC Missionaries are serving God around the world and in our own country.

TWO FAMILIES would appreciate your prayers concerning their health concerns.  Bill & Pam  and Harold & Cari are both preparing for medical tests and surgeries in the near future.  Harold’s eye surgery will be August 1 and then time off for his recovery.

KARLA’S OPEN HOUSE BBQ  The church family received an invitation to go to Karla’s on Saturday, July 30 from noon to 8 pm.  Information is in your family’s church newsletter.

BIRTHDAYS  The list is long, starting July 31 and ending the last of August, but our prayers for them are heartfelt.  Jeff   July 31;      Tina  August 6;      June   August 20;                        Steve  August 21;       Katherine   August 23, 2003;      Laurie   August 26;     Cyndy   August 31;    ANNIVERSARIES  The years can go by too quickly.  So let us enjoy every day and remember the special days with thanks to God for them.    Joyce & Don  was married on July 29, 1972, Bill & Pam married August 6, 1977,   Jesse James & Jessie Joy married August 13, 2011.

REFRESHMENTS   Ladies, from now on, please take home the kitchen garbage bag when it is your turn to do refreshments. You can bring your own empty bag or get one in the church pantry.  The list is now back on its regular schedule.  Any questions or comments,  please see Cari P.  Our list starts on JULY 24 Cyndy;   JULY 31 June;  AUGUST 7  Laurie & Dorothy;   AUGUST  14  Tina;  AUGUST  21  Jan;    AUGUST  28    Martha;    SEPTEMBER 4   Wendy & Joyce;       SEPTEMBER 11   Cari, Pam, Katherine & Lexi;        SEPTEMBER  18    Cyndy